Kast Steelhead Gloves
“Finally - a glove for fisherman that you can fish with”

by Terry Wiest


Ok, I'll admit it... when it comes to cold wet weather I'm a wimp. That's why I love my Under Armor and Simms products sooooo much. I don't mind the cold and the rain if I can stay warm and dry, especially dry.

Technology in the form of layers, hi-tech and waterproof material has covered 95% of what it takes to stay comfortable from the elements. The only missing ingrediant has been the hands... how do you keep them warm and dry at the same time and continue to fish without interuption? All previous attempts have failed for me - wool, fingerless, neoprene doesn't matter, fail, fail, fail.

We'll Kast Extreme Fishing Gear thinks they have found the solution. By utilizing OutDry Technology the claim is they're not only waterproof, windproof and breathable, but they have enough dextarity to continue fishing without having to blow in your hands or put them in your pockets time to time, therefore interupting valuable fishing time. I set out to see if there claim is true.

First reaction was "cool", nice looking gloves. Hey, they fit nice too (I ordered the size Large based on their sizeing chart). Temperature was 29 degrees at the time I first put them on and I must say my hands were warm from the beginning and stayed that way even after submerging in the river several times.

Now where I wasn't really sure these gloves would excel, and in fact I was pretty darn skeptical, was could I actually fish with them. Ah, no problem. I was able to cast my spinning reel and actually "feel" the braided line as I hooked it with my finger to begin the cast. Flipping the bail over was also no problem (I tried manually since this is a normal occurance during a trip). Reeling I didn't anticipate would be a problem and in fact it was not. Adjusting the drag on a screeming chum... no problem either. I felt like I had complete control of both rod and reel without any bulk that previous so called fishing gloves had caused.

Other things I tried was adjusting my bobbers stop, again no problem. Now I will say tying a knot was more difficult than with bare hands, but I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to tie a polamer knot and an improved clinch knot.


Probably the best feature was the ablitly to realease fish. Tailing fish and pulling the hook out at the same time while submerging my hands usually would result in, of course, frozen hands. Not any more!!! I tailed and release many chum and even a small steelhead (shown in pic - this little guy didn't want to get moving so I had to move him along - he finally woke up and took off).

So does Kast have a winner... YES! I love these gloves and I think you will too.

Visit the Kast Site www.kastgear.com/products/steelhead-glove.html