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Tying the Egg Loop

The egg loop is cornerstone knot in steelhead fishing and one that every angler must know.  Once mastered, it can be tied very quickly.


Step 1: Cut your leader material to length, realizing that the egg loop will use a few inches of line. 

Step 2: Bring the leader an inch or so through the hook eye and hold with your index finger. 

Step 3: Wrap the leader over the hook, behind the eye.  The number of wraps you make will determine the size of the finished loop.  Seven to ten wraps is good for steelhead baits, ten to twenty wraps are nice for holding large salmon baits.  Hold the final wrap down with your index finger.

Step 4: Bring the loose end of leader back through the hook eye just so a few inches extend out, but not so much that it interferes with the next step.  Hold the line under your index finger. 

Step 5: Continue the wraps from Step 3, but now you will also be wrapping over the end of the leader.  Seven wraps work well.  These wraps will secure the knot.  Hold in place with fingers when done.

Step 6: Slowly and firmly pull the end of the leader that is extended out of the hook eye.  You’ll be tightening the large loop you created with the wraps.  Guide the loop free of your hand as it tightens and snug up the knot.  Do not pull excessively fast as the friction involved can burn the leader material. 

Step 7: Push down on the leader to reveal the egg loop.




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