G. Loomis Rods

Tying the Simple Roe Knot

This is a simple version of the standard egg loop that is very simple to tie.  This knot works well when tying leaders that won't be used for holding bait.  We use this knot quite often when fishing artificials like Gooey Bobs and Pink Worms, as it's very quick to tie.

1.  Insert the end of the line thru the eye and make a loop under the hook like the one in the picture below.  Pinch the loop near the eye of the hook and hold it.

2.  While holding the line near the eye with the left hand grab the right side of loop and wind it around the shank of the hook (away from you) a minimum of 8 times.  For a knot that binds well and doesn't slide up the shank of the hook use as many as 15 turns, otherwise 8 will do.

3.  Insert a finger into the loop to hold it and pull on the tag end of the line.  Pull gradually and be sure to not allow the loops to overlap.  Slide the knot into the desired position and cinch it down.

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