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How to Prepare Your Children for Face-to-face Classes

More and more people are getting vaccinated against COVID-19. After months of tests and screening, vaccines have been rolled out across 92 countries. Administered doses have reached the 200 million mark. Once enough of the population gets inoculated, herd immunity will happen as a result. That means the deadly virus that wreaked havoc on mankind this past …

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Raising Boys: Proven Ideas to Stay Sane When Raising a Son

It’s no secret that kids can be rambunctious—especially boys. They tend to be more energetic, physically active, and aggressive than girls. Although not every little boy exhibits the same boisterous behavior, raising them can be a handful. If you’re at your wits’ end but still want to raise your little boy the right way, here …

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Healthy Living in College

Milestones are benchmarks that we continually achieve in the span of our lifetime. For adolescents, the biggest milestones would be finishing high school and attending university. Some individuals choose to end their education with a high school diploma. Others choose to go to university for higher learning, better job prospects, and more opportunities to socialize …

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Techniques of Teaching Dance

Dancing, irrespective of its type, might be the best gift you give to yourself and your kids. This is the perfect combination of a physical and mental workout guaranteed to enhance your self-confidence, reduce stress, promote relaxation and increase your flexibility. Moreover, a dance will boost your metabolism and help you lose about 200–400 calories …

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